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Lawyers In My City is a consumer protection group inviting only attorneys of the highest caliber to join this curated network.

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Looking for a lawyer? So many businesses and individuals are, too, every day.

Our surveys show consumers research lawyers across multiple sites and are influenced by star ratings and the fact they appear on a popular site. However, as a consumer protection group, we have found numerous instances of attorneys on other sites enjoying 5-star ratings while their licenses were suspended, while under indictment, and in one particular case, while the attorney sat in a prison cell, convicted of murder. 

This prompted us to mobilize and organize, and create a curated network of top lawyers in the country who passionately advocate for the rights of their clients, whether individuals facing criminal charges, or established businesses seeking legal guidance and counseling. 

With our background in legal, having worked at some of the biggest law firms in the country, we knew curating a network was key to present consumers with a clean, reliable network of lawyers of integrity and in good standing. Only attorneys of the highest caliber are invited to join.